If I was to eat a chocolate bar, I prefer to eat white chocolate. I LOVE white Twix, Kit Kats, Lion bars, Maltesers and well basically anything white... So I decided to make a white chocolate cake! INGREDIENTS For the cake: 125ml of hot water 480g self-raising flour 200g sugar 340g white chocolate 225g butter … Continue reading WHITE CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES

Vegetable Jambalaya – Slimming World

Vegetable Jambalaya 🍚 I tried this syn free dish from slimming world. I didn’t think it would be spicy, but it made my mouth tingle! It’s very yummy. A bit too much ginger for me and I am a ginger lover. I didn’t like the okra as it went all mushy and I hate the … Continue reading Vegetable Jambalaya – Slimming World