Simply Cook.

My boss got a funky looking parcel delivered to the office whilst he was away, so I asked him what was inside! He said I could open it and take one of what was inside. I opened the box to find four mini boxes filled with seasonings and pastes. They were accompanied by really cool … Continue reading Simply Cook.


Bourgee, Southend.

Growing up I used to alway be embarrassed by my Mum if she ever complained in a restaurant,ย but after working in hospitality you realise how important it is to deliver things right and now I'm not afraid to say if there was an issue with my experience. However, for the first time in a long … Continue reading Bourgee, Southend.

Dedham Tea Party

My Auntie's came to visit at the weekend from Scotland. Making the most of the sunshine, that they don't often see, my second family invited us to a Tea Party in their garden! What a beautiful day it was... We had Sandwiches, Sausage Plait, cake, tea, prosecco & lots more... Thank you Ladies.