I finally got to see Arsenal play. I was super excited, not because I’m a die-hard Arsenal fan, but because my Grandad was and as you probably know, my Grandad was my best friend. 262914_2232222322266_3094551_n

It was my brothers 14th birthday so I got him & I tickets to see them play. We headed to Stratford first for some dinner. TGIF’s is where we ended up. I’ve never had TGIF either! It was a day of many firsts. 51327389_10215722991400210_4266302168870420480_n

Before the game, we went to an Arsenal club just down the road. It was full of Arsenal supporters in high spirits drinking beer and warming up before the game. I had a couple of beers and my brother had a diet coke. I can’t wait till he is 18 so we can drink pints together. 51081660_10215722990680192_8355261139474448384_n

We then headed into the stadium, it was raining and we had to wait a while to be searched. It didn’t take long to get through and find our seats though. We were situated behind the goal and luckily enough we were under the cover as halfway through the game it started to snow. It was very emotional to begin with as they held a minutes silence for the Cardiff player Emiliano Sala who has gone missing on a plane.


Spirits were soon lifted as Arsenal went on to play a great game, winning 2-1.


I really want to go back and see another match but in better weather next time.


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