Blanco Boat Party – Phi Phi Island

This boat party is a must do! I was fortunate enough to spend my birthday in Thailand on Phi Phi Island. My friends told me they had a surprise for me on my special day. At around 1 PM we headed down to Blanco beach bar and checked into the boat party.


I was a little bit hungover from a party the night before, but I was very excited to see what the day ahead had in store for me. We headed off to the port and jumped on this HUGE boat. Firstly, we went to Monkey Beach, I didn’t get off the boat as I was a little scared of the Monkeys but everyone else did! We also stopped off at the Viking Cage, Maya Bay and a couple of other attractions.


There were only about 40 people on the boat party when we did it but I heard it can hold up to 100! The number of people didn’t matter as the staff really know how to get the party started. Probably the best thing about this boat party is their fact there is unlimited alcohol ALL day! There is also a buffet served half way through the day. Unfortunately I was too drunk to eat, however, it seemed to go down a treat with all the others.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

The boat has its own DJ playing some great tracks! A mixture that suited everyone. I have to say Apple (the lady who managed the day) – She is a bloody legend. She made sure everyone was having the best time and she worked her arse off ensuring everything was done correctly and efficiently. The girls stitched me up and told the crew that it was my birthday… They made me wear a snorkel and down a beer through it in front of everyone.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 22.06.43

We played lots of drinking games, flip cup was my favourite! We were able to jump off the boat, snorkel, canoe and dance all day long. If you are in Phi Phi, this boat party is a must do. Even if you are a solo traveller, I made lots of good friends on this boat.


Thanks for my birthday present girls and thank you to everyone on the boat for making my day so special. What a way to spend my 24th birthday.


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