Namuang Waterfall – Koh Samui

46476196_10215204162109802_5620812237007486976_nHelmets on and ready to go! The girls and I hired bikes for 100BAHT. We headed down the East coast to a waterfall called Namuang Waterfall. First of all, we took the wrong turning and ended up at Waterfall 1 (we were planning to go to waterfall 2). Waterfall 1 was a trek and very small. However, it did have a natural pool with a swing you could jump off. Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 17.40.07After sweating a lot and a short drive we finally found number 1! It was so worth the hour drive in the end. It was huge and naturally beautiful. Both of these waterfalls are free to visit. You just have to pay 20BAHT for the car park if you park a bike there.

46366271_10215204156509662_7425609485365805056_n46450818_10215204105548388_5046836325148262400_n (1)46420111_10215204155949648_9136140572468183040_n46486382_10215204156989674_2594839805099507712_n

No one was there when we visited, it was great! We got in and swam around, the current form the waterfall is so strong. You become so tired from trying to stay close to it. I would definitely visit this waterfall again. It’s a must seem when in Koh Samui.


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