The girls and I love a good restaurant. In Mirissa we found our favourite restaurant in Sri Lanka. It wasn’t just the food that made this place great, it has the whole package! Let me explain it to you…

So, on our first night in Mirissa we headed down to the beach to find somewhere to have dinner. We came across a place called SALT. Just looking at it made us want to eat there. It has white tables with candles, spread across the sand and inside, with a large number of people sipping cocktails and enjoying food together whilst looking at the sea. What more could you want?


We grabbed a table at the front of the restaurant that looked over the ocean. Our waiter Prabath came over and took our order. He kept us entertained all night whilst being very attentive and getting us everything we asked for. On this trip, we have been searching for the best curry so we were dying to try SALT’s curry out. It is definitely up there with the best, however, we always asked for it a bit more spicy as we like heat. Overall my favourite main was the Chicken Sri Lankan Curry and my favourite starter was the Firecracker Prawns.



Oh, and how can I forget about pudding! You have to leave room for their chocolate brownie. (Make sure you ask for it hot!)


Being at a restaurant, it is always great to have good food but there is so much more factors that make the customers coming back. For us it was the staff, they were all full of personality and you could see how much they appreciated us being there. Every single person made us feel welcome and would do their utmost to help us.


After spending the night having dinner there, we decided to go there for lunch the next day and use their sun loungers to sunbathe in the afternoon. They have a great selection of sandwiches and salads to choose from as well as main courses for lunch. I also love that to the side of the restaurant they have an activities desk where you can rent bodyboards, surfboards and even take a ride of their jet ski with an instructor! We tried the bodyboards and jet ski, it was great fun.


This is us chilling on the sunbeds which is what we would do most days unless we were off exploring!


If you love dogs, then you will love Mirissa, there are lots of stray dogs around that love to come and have a tickle! My favourite one would always sleep under my sunbed whilst I was snoozing too. We kept giving him cold water from our shoes.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 00.16.33

As you can probably tell, I spent most of my time in Mirissa at SALT. That’s because I loved the place so much. After speaking to the owner and giving him feedback on the fantastic place he had, we were invited to their 1st birthday party with all the staff! What a night it was. On Sunday evenings SALT hold a great party for everyone to attend! If you are in Mirissa, you must go. They have the best DJs ever.



I feel like Mirissa is now my home from home, I can’t wait to go back and see everyone again. I’m not sure if I am more excited about the curry or to see the people or even the dog. If you would like to find out more about SALT – read their Instagram page here.


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