Hikkaduwa Lagoon Safari – SRI LANKA

You know when you are away and the tour guides always hassle you to go on trips with them…. we are kind of getting sick of it now. We don’t want to do their packages, we want to do what we want to do! I think this is because in Bali we had our own independence with our scooters and went where we wanted to go. When we move onto Unawatuna tomorrow we are going to look for scooters.


ANYWAY, the reason I am here writing is that I want to tell you about the Hikkaduwa Lagoon Safari we went on yesterday. We went around 3PM which was a good time as the sun wasn’t so harsh and it was a little less busy. Our ‘friend’ Baba took us there on his tuk-tuk, I can’t tell you how much this trip cost as I really don’t know but if you are booking it, always haggle with them! We cut them down by bloody half.

So we got there, we had our own little private boat and thankfully we didn’t have to wear life jackets. WE HATE LIFE JACKETS. They make you feel fatter than you already are and we feel bloody huge after all the curries we have eaten this week.


We trekked off on our boat, we didn’t drive it, the man did. The trip lasted around 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was beautiful, the views were incredible. We saw monkeys, fish, crocodiles and another animal that was similar to a crocodile (I can’t find the name).

In the middle of the trip, we stopped off on a tiny island and went to a famous temple. It was a Buddhist temple with huge beautiful buddhas. When we entered we had to take off our shoes and put on a sarong. The guide showed us around, it was highly interesting and it made me realise that I agree with a lot of things Buddhists say. However, at the end of the visit, we went into a room where a monk sat, I couldn’t make out what he was talking about half the time. Then without consulting us he blessed us in his language and placed a bit of string on our hand. He wished us a healthy life, which I thought was really kind of him until he then opened up a booked which was called donations and asked us all to pay him. Now, I don’t know about you but I didn’t like it. I had just been told by the guide that Buddha tells people to be kind to others, I don’t think it is very kind to ask people for money. Maybe he should have said ‘If you wish, you can make a donation.’ – After this event, I took it upon myself to find out more about monks. I came across the 10 Precepts that monks are to live by. One is not to hold money – well that says it all. Another one is not to sit on luxury beds or chairs. This monk was sat on a computer chair with an old rag over it. I am so disappointed that he asked us for money as it goes against everything he told us he believed. This is one thing to be careful of when touring, the guides or other people at the site will be kind and helpful then ask you for money. You are not obliged to give people money. People should be kind because they want to be.


However, other than the monk at the temple, this trip was very calming and enjoyable. I would recommend this trip to adults, I think children would get bored! Take a look at the photos I captured below.


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