We arrived in Sri Lanka on the 22nd of October, we stayed in Colombo at the Hangover Hostel for one night as we arrived late. This is a great hostel for people needing to stay somewhere when visiting the airport. The rooms were clean and the staff were very helpful! They also had amazing air con.

The next train we got a bus, two tuk-tuks and a train to Hikkaduwa – this has been my favourite place of the holiday so far. The people are so nice, the food is the best in the world and the sea is to die for.

Anyway, back to where I was going with this blog… We had breakfast in the morning and headed out the look for a nice place to catch a tan. We were literally walking down the beach and BAM! There was a bloody turtle so close to the shore. It was amazing. We left our belongings on the side and headed into the water with some seaweed to feed her. A local man said her name is Rosie and that she always appears here. If you are in Hikkaduwa go to the point at the left side of the main beach and that’s where she will be! 43548851_10215035260727373_56891939961700352_n44676560_10215035260007355_2881776373892907008_n44775299_10215035260087357_1745876099558014976_n44775310_10215035261847401_7610780055370727424_n44786429_10215035261247386_8739823968468336640_n

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