10 things you need to know about Bali

  1. Don’t act freaked out when you see people going through peoples hair in the street – its normal to them, they are just looking for head lice.
  2. You’ll find swarms of people stood on the street shouting taxi at you – I found the best thing to do is to shout it back, they laugh.
  3. Paths aren’t just for walkers – you will find dogs, bikes, scooters and probably even cars on them if they can.
  4. Be careful when driving – they think it is executable for two cars to overtake one car at a time.
  5. You need to learn to haggle – whatever price they tell you, never except! You can always knock them down, they just presume you have lots of money because you are a tourist.
  6. The people are the best – I have made friends for life in Bali. I love them all. (In the photo you will find my friend Edie Putu – He is a tour guide and has been my friend for many of years now! He always looks after me when I visit Bali. He loves Arsenal so this time I took him lot’s of Arsenal gifts.)42806478_10214867302288517_347885895640154112_n
  7. You can rent a scooter with no license – I have never ridden a scooter, they gave me a two-minute lesson and I was off. I paid £2 a day for rental.43422629_10214926876697840_3966554550151675904_n
  8. Be careful of the Monkeys – When I went years ago there were people there selling food so you could feed the monkeys and get them to sit on you. Now it doesn’t seem to be allowed. However, you will find a secret man selling corn so you can get the monkeys to have a photo with you, just be careful they can be aggressive.
  9. Spicy noodles in the shop – We like spicy food, so we got a pot of noodles from the shop. But they were inedible, so just be careful with the spice.
  10. Indonesian Benidorm – Kuta is like the Benidorm for English but I bloody love it! It has the best restaurants, the best bars and most of all the best bloody people. (In the photo you will find me and my friends on a night out in Kuta! It’s such a good laugh.)42720559_10214857996775885_5338192857670877184_o

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