Being organised is something I have always been good at. However, there is so much happening on this trip I am unsure if I have everything ready. Let’s think this through and share a list together so I can check I have everything and you can look back at this list if/when you go travelling to help you remain organised.

  1. Travel + Travel Documents – All my flights are booked and my lift to the airport and from the airport is sorted. I have also printed all my travel tickets as well as visas just in case we forget our details along the way.
  2. Itinerary – I have written a simple Itinerary, one that’s not so strict. We know what countries we are going to and how long for, however, we haven’t got a structured plan in all of them as we don’t know what areas we will like more than others.
  3. Medication – A couple of us had injections to protect us before we go away, we have also packed lots of other medication and repellants to prevent us from becoming ill or to help us if we do fall ill.
  4. Clothes – DUH! We have brought a range of clothes, lots of clothes that can be layered so they suit lots of different environments and climates. Don’t forget to pack appropriate shoes for all the different activities you will be involved in.
  5. Checklist – Make a checklist of everything you need and tick it off when you have packed it.
  6. Passport – You aren’t going anywhere without this.
  7. Bank Cards/Money – It would be great if everything was free, but it’s not.
  8. Laptop – Whilst I am away I need to do work so I need my laptop, is there any necessities that you need like this?
  9. Comforts – Any comforts you want from home! Mine would be Yorkshire de-caf tea bags.

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