Growing up I was always listening to Country music as it is very popular on my dad’s side of the family. Still, at the age of 23, I listen to Country music more than ever. I found myself the other night sat with a group of old men around the age of 70 outside a pub singing Country songs. They were highly impressed with my knowledge of Country music. I thought I would write a blog post of my favourite country songs as I think younger people should give Country a try! There is so much meaning and emotion in the songs which make them so relatable. Here are my top 10 favourite Country songs:hank-williams-quiz

  1. You’re My Best Friend – Don Williams
  2. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers
  3. Shutters And Boards – Charley Pride
  4. El Paso – Marty Robbins
  5. Little Ole WineDrinker Me – Dean Martin
  6. The Happiness Of Having You – Charley Pride
  7. Blanket On The Ground – Billie JoSpears
  8. I Believe In You – Don Williams
  9. Kaw Liga – Hank Williams
  10. Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

Don Williams courtesy CMA 2/2010

Click the name of the songs to take a listen.

When I was 6 I attended my first concert. The concert was Don Williams at the Ipswich Regent. I was the youngest person there and I knew all the words to his songs. I just bloody love Country. There is nothing I enjoy more than sitting around with my family, having a few drinks and singing some good ole’ Country songs!



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