I love the sun as well as being at the seaside and it seems everyone is the same as me. However, I don’t like to be on a crowded beach. With our heatwave this summer I have been loving the beach but my favourite experience was when my best friend and I visited a beach we found years ago to find nobody was on it.


Well, it’s not going to be a secret now as I am sharing it with you on my blog. But I feel like I have to! It’s so stunning and relaxing to sit on a beach all to yourself. Beth and I got ourselves fish’n’chips and took it to the beach with a crate of beers. We sat on huge blankets and watched the sunset. It felt like we were on a romantic date, so if you need any ideas on what to do for your other half… Do what we did!


The beach is situated in Wrabness, Essex down a small country lane. There isn’t much room down the lane to park your car so you have to be super careful. There are also no toilets so be prepared.

Enjoy the rest of Summer and your time at Wrabness if you visit.


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