Loch Lomond Shores

Last week, Beth and I drove up to Scotland for my dad’s 50th party. On Friday we decided to do some exploring. I told Beth we should visit Loch Lomond Shores as I remembered going there years ago and it was a fantastic day out. Little did I know, I hadn’t actually visited Loch Lomond ever before…


I found this out by our visit to the beach to use the paddle board. When boarding the boat I asked the man if we would see the Loch Ness monster.. he replied: “No Hen, because you’re in Loch Lomond, not Loch Ness.” It made sense! As I thought the journey was rather short and the whole environment had changed from the last time. Oh, it did make us laugh!


It was a beautiful day out and extremely cheap as well as fulfilling. When we arrived we were a bit confused by the car-park as we didn’t know where to pay, the reason we couldn’t find the pay station was that it was free! Bloody bonus.


We started off having a wander around and taking a tour of the shops. There are lots to do here for children as well as adults. The play park looked incredible!

We then headed down to the beach and hired a pedal boat for half an hour, this cost us £15! It was worth every penny, especially as the weather was so nice. In the video below you will see me put my Go Pro underwater, it looks as though I have put it into a pint of Guinness. LOL. GOPR1217.JPG

After our work out (pedalling), we decided to head off for a spot of lunch. There was a restaurant situated on top of the shops which had a balcony with an incredible view! Funny enough it was called ‘The Balcony Bar & Grill‘. We had a little wait to be seated, but it was worth the wait as the food was on par with the view.

Look below to watch our video of the day!



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