Ascending with Social Ascension

I don’t think I told you, well maybe it came up in another blog, but last year I was made redundant. As an individual, I have so much drive and belief that I pushed myself to start up alone.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 14.31.05

So here I am now, 6 months later, with a business of my own, 5 clients and a lot of work to do! I’m so pleased with myself. I’ve always lived by the quote “I would rather live a life of oh wells, than a life of what ifs!” so that’s why I did it when I did. It was a perfect time. I am so passionate about my work, I don’t have a mortgage to pay as I still live with my parents, I have great supportive people around me and I’m a bloody lovely person that people will want to work with. So what could go wrong?

There is so much more to starting your own business than what meets the eye. The first thing I struggled with was a business name, all the ones I liked had been taken or didn’t sound right, then it came to me one day whilst having a cup of tea with my second family. Social Ascension! Like, that’s what I’m doing, isn’t it? Helping your social media ascend!

Dream Design of Winter Watercolor Splash for various decor.

Then, I had to get a logo designed. I LOVE my logo. It was done by James Tye. He also designed my website. Thanks, James, your work is great. Find his work here

I then started putting together my business plan, with a list of goals, plans, services and prices. I had to visit the bank multiple times to set up my business account, and well the things I had to do was and still is a never-ending list!

But it is so worth it! I am my own boss. I do things to my standard, my way. I do it when I want, I deal with clients the way I think you should and well, most of all, I am happy!


Are thinking about starting your own business? If you are in a good position, then do it! Just think? What have you got to lose? Will you regret it in years to come when you are still working for the same person?

All I can say is, do it! If you would like to ask any questions or would like help on starting your own business, comment below or email me. Otherwise, find me on my social media pages here:




Linked In

Love Sarah x

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