I miss you Grandad

With it coming up to Christmas, and all the family being together, I am really starting to miss one person. My Grandad. It makes me reflect on everything, one of those things being the speech I did at his funeral. I wanted to upload it on to my blog so I will always be able to read it.article-2306712-02A2CE1C000004B0-923_634x443

Here it is:

To say I’m lost for words would be a lie as just like my Granddad I am never lost for words. My Granddad was the one in 180 that did everything with love, passion and obviously a little moan. Losing him is the hardest thing to happen to me but knowing he is with the love of his life (my nanny) Doreen brings me a lot of comfort.

From horsey rides on his back when I was little to me riding him around in my little car to go shopping and him telling every tom dick and harry that called his phone how embarrassed he was that I had a driver’s license before him! Then sending me parking fees for £10 every time I parked on his drive labelled granddad’s parking fees for grandchildren! That’s the kind of things I’ll miss…

Where are my teeth? Where’s my phone? Make a cup of tea Dor! The three most common phrases used by the old git after LETS PLAY DARTS of course.

He would always ensure he made us grandchildren know how proud of us he was and his words of wisdom and support encouraged us to do more. It won’t stop here! I know for sure that I for one will keep making him proud till the day I join him in heaven.

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years that count! & boy did my granddad make the most of his! Travelling, laughing, giving and having the best family and friends. The first night he was in the hospital he told me “You’re doing it right Sarah, going to all these places… Making friends & memories that last forever! & working the hardest you can to fulfil your dreams.” He’s right! I am, and I get that from him!

I feel I should be sad one minute because I’ve lost my Granddad but on the other hand I feel I should be happy because God blessed me with the most amazing man for 21 years that I will never forget. He will live in on me and my family for the rest of our life, just like Nanny does.

Goodbye Granddad, until we meet again. You’ll always be my best friend. Love your princess.


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