That’s my bum, not yours.

From the title of my blog, you may be thinking ‘where the bloody hell is she going with this…’

Well, this may be a bit deep but I feel really passionate about the importance of people understanding and appreciating everyone’s personal space. I never forget reading a newspaper article when I was in school about a young girl who got a boy done because he slapped her bottom. At the time I laughed and thought, ‘really? he only touched her bottom’ but now I look at it completely differently and I hope after reading this, you do too.

I think it is highly important to respect other people’s personal space. You never know how uncomfortable it might be for a person when you invade it. 3 years ago I went through a horrible time that I would never wish upon anyone! And the saddest thing is, it still affects me in my daily life now.

I remember when I got my confidence back, my friends and I went on a night out to Qube in town for a few drinks. When we left the club I was stood outside and a man grabbed my bottom. I got angry and he told me it wasn’t a big deal. However, I explained why I got angry at him and he couldn’t apologise enough.

The reason I got angry was that for 6 months I was stalked and sexually assaulted by one of my customers at work. I had reported his behaviour and it seemed to be brushed under the carpet. It messed with me mentally, as I was made to feel like I was in the wrong therefore I would allow him to treat me with disrespect. It was a horrible situation to be in. I never thought I would be so unconfident to allow someone to treat me like that. (Because if you know me, you’ll know I am not quiet and I always say what I think).

As a result of this, I had to go to crown court, have counselling, I lost 3 jobs altogether due to my anxiety and the fact I was scared to leave the house. It was horrendous. All because someone invaded my personal space and messed with my head.

Now, I still find it hard when men I don’t feel comfortable around flirt too much or try and get my attention in weird ways. I mean if I had never been through that horrible situation, I probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid to it. But now, I get creeped out by someone touching my bottom or even poking me on Facebook lol.

My message I wanted to get across through this blog is that please be wary of your actions. As god forbid, the person you are trying to approach has been through a situation like mine (or even worse!) This goes for males and females!

Everyone you know is fighting a battle. Be kind, always.

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