Toodaloo 22.

“Age is just a number. “

We always hear that saying, yet we always hear people going on about where we are at in our life. “You’re 21 now, you should have a proper job…”. I swear we spend our 20’s answering to people about what we are doing with our life. Why do we have to justify or answer to any of it? All we should be doing in our 20’s is living.

Whether your idea of living is working your ass off to secure yourself a comfortable home for when you have a family or it’s using every single penny you’ve earned on travelling the world. There is no right or wrong way.

I turn 23 next month and I am extremely happy that I will turn 23 with the confidence and knowledge to know that I don’t need to compare myself to others or criticize myself because I’m at a different stage in life to people the same age as me.

For me, as long as I am moving forward then I am doing the right thing. The pace doesn’t matter. Things happen at the right time so other things can fall into place.

Turning 22, I felt sad, not wanting to party or celebrate as I had lost people very close to me that year. All I did was go to work and had no drive to do much beyond my working hours. However, something changed… After spending time away in Barbados in January, I looked at things differently. I was made redundant and started my own business. I still can’t believe I have had the confidence to do this but it’s going great! Social Ascension (My business) has smashed its goals for this year already and I love the fact I am my own boss. I have made new friends, new contacts and make more time for the people close to me. My plans to smash whilst I’m 23 keep me motivated, I’m going to enjoy life whilst I can! Self-love is highly important to me now.

Answering to people is something I won’t do. I’m doing me, that’s all that matters.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 14.17.13

Check out this little number by Ray BLK who I am going to see for my birthday – She knows about focusing on yourself & being content.

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