Glowing at Great Bentley Beauty

With winter approaching my face seems to be dry and in bad condition compared to usual. (I’m sure a lot of you can relate…!)

It just so happens that Alex from Great Bentley Beauty released her new Dermalogica treatments at the beginning of November! She kindly invited me along to try the PRO60.

The PRO60 is an hour-long treatment that consists of a consultation, double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, a massage, a masque, toner and skin protection. It is soooooo relaxing! The first thing Alex did was measure the amount of moisture in my skin. It first read at around 30, this told Alex that my face was rather dry as it should read at around 60! After the whole treatment, Alex measured the amount of moisture in my skin again and it read at 48! I could really feel the difference.

I have a thing at the moment with wearing my slippers wherever I go, so I took mine to Alex’s in my handbag. I was silly, as I didn’t need them! Through the whole treatment, I was able to wear heated booties! They were incredible. There is nothing worse than being cold! But, with the heated booties and blankets, I was made warm and comfortable.

If you read my other blogs, you will know that I love meditating and meditation music! One thing that impressed me with Alex’s beauty room was the background music, it’s what I listen to daily! Music that relaxes and calms you. It’s important to get background features like this right as it really does change your whole experience! IMG_5804

After my facial, 3 people told me my skin looks great and glowing! It gave me the confidence to go shopping with no make-up on. I have even got some products to try as the results from my facial where incredible!

Thank you, Alex, you’re amazing.

Love Sarah XO

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