Blown away by Bestival.

21462417_10155674157447118_1323469888744058395_nWhen I say I was blown away by Bestival, I mean it literally. The winds were so strong that the arena was evacuated and our tent ended up collapsing. However, I was also blown away by the experience! It was incredible.

As well as strong winds, there was a large amount of gooey mud. Making it impossible to wear our planned outfits as we would have frozen and become ill. So, the weekend ended up us living in tracksuits and wellies and tbh I wish I could live in that for the rest of my life.


Above you can see our camp and the view from it. I loved where we camped! It was in the middle of everything however, it was on a bloody hill. So every night we would all end up rolling into one corner of the tent whilst asleep. (It made it cosier though).

Another great factor of where we camped was it was right in front of all the food stalls so every day at 7 AM I headed out and got us bacon rolls to line our stomachs for the day of rum and fun. (Wait, not every day because one day I didn’t make it in till 6AM).

On the first night, around midnight my best friend Beth and I staggered up the stairs on the helter-skelter to go down the stairs… Check out the view from the top!


We also met a group of guys from, I can’t remember where but they were huge fun to dance with and kept trying to get two people on their shoulders.


I met some amazing people over the weekend! Two lovely Australian girls, one of who was from the town I lived in and which my jewellery is named after (Byron Bay). I gave both the girls a necklace to wear and we partied together a lot.

I love you Grace and Mackenzie! ❤ 21557549_10211975162586832_6688288178916367701_n

Also made a new best boy mate for life too, Connor! Literally, if I could choose anyone to be my brother it would be this fella!

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 14.43.55

My favourite acts of the weekend have to be ALMA, Heidi and Ray Blk.



Bestival, you were a windy blast. I can’t wait to go again.

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