Urban Food Festival in Shoreditch.

My best friend and I rarely get much free time to do adventurous things together anymore. So on Saturday, we decided to keep our day clear of plans and head off to London for a ‘day sesh’.

We packed our back packs with hydration packs (full of wine, not water by the way) and headed off on the train to London.


So, by the time we got to London, we were already tipsy due to the wine in our bag! After a train, a bus, a tube and a Uber, we managed to get to Shoreditch. Lesson number one: Don’t take directions from someone who isn’t English when you are drunk… Our 90-minute journey took 180 minutes.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.54.13

We took a tour of Shoreditch and decided to find somewhere for lunch, we stumbled across a restaurant/bar called ‘Barrio‘. It looked bloody awesome, it was extremely bright and colourful with loads of funky features, including a football table or a ‘fossball table’ as the bar man said.


The kitchen wasn’t opened when we arrived so we ordered our favourite cocktails and played ‘foosball’ whilst waiting. The cocktails took about 10 minutes to arrive, and they were bloody awful! My Caipirinha wasn’t sweet enough and Beths Expresso Martini just tasted like a glass of really strong coffee. We slowly sipped them but Beth was making the ugliest face every time she tried to drink hers, so I quizzed the guy on how he made them… with dark rum, not vodka he said. ‘His way’ of making an Expresso Martini, well we can tell you his way was awful! He tried to fix the drink, but it didn’t make it much better so we left it on the table and decided to eat somewhere else…

Walking around we were invited to the ‘Urban Food Festival’ it was an old car park that is made into a mini food festival every Saturday! It was so cute.



Being the alcoholics we are, we headed straight to the cocktail bar to check out what they had! They had nothing to offer us unless we had cash, so off we went to the cash point. On our return, we got 2 cocktails each as it was 2-4-1! Beth didn’t like hers as they were rather sweet, so I ended up with 4 and she moved onto the prosecco.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.31.18 1

You can imagine how drunk we were at this point… So I ordered a pizza from one of the stalls to help us remain sensible.

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.57.01

The pizza was SO yummy. All of the other food stalls around looked and smelled incredible too, but when you have been drinking all day it’s hard to stomach lots of food. Anyway, there were giant Jenga on the table so we made friends with two guys from South London and spent a good hour or two playing Jenga!

The guys we met asked us to join them at a local bar they like called ‘Bounce‘. So off we trotted… Bounce was a really lovely underground bar with lots of Ping Pong tables!

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.51.15

We enjoyed a bottle of wine in Bounce and then headed off to meet some friends in Stratford. I can’t remember much of the night so I won’t go any further! I hope you like my post on mine & B’s crazy day.

Love Sarah. X


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