Bike ride to Wivenhoe

19895042_10211427777382544_6878213212689187659_n (1)On Friday after work, I ventured out on my bike for the first time in years! I made my dad pump up my tyres and I packed my hydration bag and off I went! I hadn’t even got to the end of the road and I was off the bike looking at why it was making such a strange noise. It was the reflector! It had half came off, so I just pulled it off completely.

I managed to get about a mile away from my house where I was waiting at a crossroad to go when I realised my bike wasn’t working. It wouldn’t move…. The chain had come off! I don’t have a clue how to put a chain back on a bike so I had to call my dad to come and do it for me. I was mortified, I was 3 roads away from my house and I already had to call for help.

Anyway, Dad came and off I went to meet my friend Sam. When I met Sam I made him test my bike so he could see how rubbish it was. I really liked his, so we swapped and off we rode down the trail to Wivenhoe…

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