10 things I love about my Dad.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.37.08

  1. So selfless – He will always think about the impact decisions will have on others before he thinks of himself.
  2. Hard working – He just never stops. He has always taught me that if you work hard, good things will come.
  3. A hero – After serving over 20 years in the army it’s only right to call him my hero.
  4. A family man – He loves his family more than anything, he even loves my mums family the same, as well as my friends that I class as family.
  5. His love for music – There is nothing I love more than having a country sing along with my dad.
  6. He is supportive and believes in me – Every time I have tried a new job or wanted to go travelling he has pushed me to believe I achieve anything I want to.
  7. He’s extremely calm – In a hard time, he manages to keep calm, sit back, take it all in and then come out with the best advice.
  8. His banter – In any situation my dad can always make people laugh.
  9. His camp side – He is comfortable showing his feminine side, especially crying at Long Lost Family on a Tuesday night.
  10. He made me a McClure – A name I will keep with pride.

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