Mental Health Awareness Week.


It’s Mental Health Awareness week! & I wanted to share a few secrets with you…

I suffer from anxiety rather badly. I can go from being happy jolly Sarah to a crying panic ball, hiding in a toilet extremely fast! Every time I go to the doctors they tell me I am depressed and they prescribe me anti-depressants of some form! But I refuse to take them. The mind is so powerful and I believe I have the ability to change my state of mind.

Here are some things that help me through my tough times:

Reiki  –
Reiki is Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes self-healing by channelling your own life force energy. After Reiki I feel so at peace, the positive energy radiates out of me and my anxiety disappears.

Meditating alone – I use the music in the below. I find it extremely useful to listen to when I feel a panic attack coming on or when I can’t concentrate due to anxiety. I also like to meditate for at least half an hour before I go to bed. Doing this allows my brain to relax and send me into a great sleep to set me up for the day ahead!

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with Wendy Smith – This lady is amazing! After a traumatic panic attack I had in an airport and on a plane, I was recommended to go and see Wendy. I didn’t really understand what she did but I was willing to try anything to help me deal with my anxious state. She basically used a method to train my brain to not connect certain situations or thoughts with the anxiety or negative feelings I usually do. It was incredible! Click on the image to find out more!

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 19.56.41.png

Exercise – When I am sad I want to sit in with my girls and drink 1000 bottles of wine, but the next day I end up feeling worse. I have found the best thing for me is to exercise when I feel like doing this (and after the gym I can go and drink the wine!). When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins give your body a positive feeling!

Sleep – A good sleep is always important. If I don’t get enough sleep I will suffer from anxiety all day. Rest is needed!

I hope my go to’s can help anyone else reading this who suffer from anxiety or depression. I have many close relatives who suffer and have had someone very close to me decide they didn’t want to be here anymore and I wish I could have done something to change that. Knowing that someone so close to you was suffering in silence hurts!

Don’t be afraid to talk, we all go through bad times and I found that admitting I was struggling made my situation easier. There are people that care about you and want to help you. Don’t face anything alone. Talk to me, I won’t let you suffer.

Love Sarah. X


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