Thank you, lord, for Jah Works.

These days it’s so hard to switch off from our busy lives! To have a break, in which you actually stop thinking about all your stresses and become carefree is difficult. I embarked on a trip to Barbados (again) with my second mother last month for some time out and the one thing that helped us ground ourselves the most was a day out with Jah Works…

Roli turned up at our door with a great presence, she made us feel at ease, and explained our day ahead to us! We then were driven to her incredible land where she has the most amazing man-made arc that you can rent to stay in! We were shown to our horse and set off on a trip to the beach with our rider Shaun. Here are some beautiful photos of our adventure.

I can’t thank Roli & Shaun enough for such a fantastic time! The service, views, horses and staff were all incredible. I was rather nervous at some points but Shaun’s reassurance helped me grow confidence! If you love nature & need a fun time to help you appreciate the finer things in life again, this is definitely a must do adventure! See you when we visit Barbados again.

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