Drunk in Dublin..

A weekend in Dublin! It’s not far away, it’s basically home… What could go wrong? Well, me and my friend Beth had an extremely eventful weekend that I will never forget!

Things not to do when you go to Dublin:

  • Don’t go out the night before. – I decided to book a surprise meal for my best friend with her close friends and family. The meal led to a few drinks, which then led to a night on the town and us being stood in a kebab shop at 3 am to remember we were flying to Dublin at 6 am and still hadn’t packed.
  • Don’t leave your packing till the last minute – When I arrived in Dublin I had a stinking hangover, huge bags under my eyes but I forgot my bloody toiletries!
  • Don’t fly when you are drunk – I can’t remember much (well, to be honest I don’t know how they let us on the flight) but, I do remember being laughed at when me and Beth were trying to sort out our liquids and our packed underwear was in everyones view!
  • Don’t travel on no sleep – I can’t remember getting on the plane but I vaguely remember discussing getting some food from the trolley with Beth. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get food as I woke up when we landed in Dublin with the menu over my face.
  • Don’t book a hotel that only lets you check in after 3pm – After paying 40 euro for a taxi that took about 10 minutes to the hotel, we found out we couldn’t check in till 3pm. (Baring in mind it was about 10am at this point! ) We had had no sleep, no food & just wanted to CRASH. We ended up lying around the lobby and making it look untidy so that after a few hours they gave us our room.
  • Don’t go on holiday with someone who can’t handle a hangover – Now, I am not sure if this is my fault for getting her so drunk the night before but Beth couldn’t handle going out for the next couple of days so the party didn’t continue.
  • Don’t go to a club alone in Dublin – It was the strangest night of my life, we met a guy from New Zealand in the day and he spoke about going to this club together in the evening (whilst Beth was recovering). So, I got all dressed up, heels & everything and he came in a beanie and a long sleeved scruffy top. Like, come on.. So I tried to ditch him! I was stood at the bar alone when I spilt my whole glass of wine in a girls bag and well I thought World War 3 was about to begin to I ran outside and grabbed a taxi to the hotel.
  • Don’t expect to find Gerard Butler – I don’t think I seen anyone on his level in Ireland. Don’t get me wrong the guys were all lovely but they looked like they were dressed by my dad.
  • Don’t decide to get drunk on your last afternoon – Beth had recovered by the time the day came where we were supposed to fly home! So we headed down to the Temple Bar and started to drink and have a laugh. We watched this awesome guy around midday, he had us up singing and dancing! He announced that he would be back at 6pm. Beth & I were gutted as we would be on our flight home by then.
  • Don’t lose track of time – From beer, to wine, to vodka red bull.. we forgot about the time and TADAAAA.. it was 6pm because the guy was back on stage singing and well we had MISSED OUR FLIGHT HOME! (Funnily enough, at lunch time he mentioned ‘If you have a flight to catch, don’t miss it!)
  • Don’t miss your flight – With no more flights that day we had to stay another night but with needing money for another night on the sesh and to pay for the new flights home we couldn’t afford to get a hotel. So, what did we do? Well, Beth told the bar man and he offered to put us up for the night! So me and Beth hit the town and had the best night ever, to then return to the pub to meet the bar man for him to put us up on his sofa. Legend.

It may sound like a big weekend of fails but it was a bloody brilliant laugh & I will never ever forget it. I can’t wait to hit Dublin again and hopefully I will have learnt from my mistakes.

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