New year, same me.

I never go into a year looking for something to change about myself. However, when I look at myself now compared to the year before, a lot has changed! Im a firm believer of constantly looking to better yourself! Not just on New Year…

Here’s 10 ways to make you grow and make your life as beautiful as yourself:

  1. Put yourself first.  – You create your own happiness.
  2. The sky is the limit. – The body achieves what the mind believes.
  3. Face your fears. – The feeling you get when you accomplish something out of your comfort zone feels better than a glass of Prosseco after a long day.
  4. Accept yourself. – What you don’t like about yourself, someone out there would murder for! Embrace you! There’s only one of you, be proud of who you are.
  5. Make a mood board for your future. – Put everything you love, live for, want to see, want to do and your goals on a board. It’s the best motivation ever.
  6. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and help you see your worth. – If you find yourself having to prove yourself to someone or change the way you are to impress them… Move away!
  7. Focus on becoming better emotionally and physically. – All aspects of your health are important! Keep a good balance.
  8. Try again, never give up! – Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  9. Remember that every situation is temporary. – When your life is good, make the most of it! Rinse every moment and take the energy in fully. When life is not so great, remember that the feeling is temporary and better days are yet to come!
  10. 1 year = 365 opportunities.  – Every day you have a new opportunity to do something new. If yesterday wasn’t a great day, don’t waste your time looking back, make this day better!

Happy New Year everyone.

Love Sarah XOX.

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