21 reasons why you’re my best friend..

Dear Bethany Rose Fisher,

Here is 21 reasons why you’re my best friend..

  1. You know me better than I know myself. (When I pretend to be happy, you can tell that I am lying… or when I try to convince myself a guy is good for me.. you always know better!)
  2. You’ve put up with me for so long that you deserve the title ‘Best Friend’.
  3. Our relationship is so unique and strong even our partners get jealous of it.
  4. You’re the only person that I have known for a long time that my mum has no faults on.
  5. We order everything the same in a restaurant. (Same, same, thanks).
  6. We can communicate by looking at each other. (When you’re in a room and something happens, you want to discuss it but we don’t need to, just looking at one another can say 1000 words of how we are thinking.)
  7. You changed me for the better, you have influenced my life more than anyone else on this earth…
  8. You put up with my strange needs. (No eating sandwiches in front of me, no standing up next to me when I am on the toilet, no slurping/crunching/breathing heavy in my presence.)
  9. You’re the only person I cry about when I haven’t seen you for a week.
  10. You look at situations from all angles and think of everyone involved. So selfless.
  11. People get worried when they see us without each other. “Sarah, where’s Beth? How come you aren’t with her? Is everything ok?”
  12. 10 years and we have never run out of conversation. I mean we probably repeat ourselves over and over again (especially once we have had a glass of wine) but I just never get bored of your words of wisdom.
  13. I made a video about you before we even met & the words in the video couldn’t be any more true than they are now.ย Click here to see.
  14. We both love to get on a plane and fly away to do crazy shit.
  15. We have cliche matching best friend tattoos.
  16. We have polar opposite taste in men. It is great because we never fight over a guy!
  17. I am an onion & you are a garlic. Perfect together.
  18. You are so kind. Remember when you bought some chips from a chip shop just to use the toilet and instead of putting them in the bin you gave them to a homeless man.
  19. Whats mine, is yours! Food, wine, fun, money, family…
  20. You encourage me to drink water. Before I met you I hated it!
  21. You’re you and I couldn’t find another friendship like ours.


I love you B. Thank you for everything.

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