Missing you this Christmas..

Christmas is a time for celebration and spending time with family, right? But how are you supposed to celebrate as a family when some of the greatest have been lost this year…

Many of us have lost someone close to us this year that will be missed at the dinner table, missed moaning about the silly present they got or missed for being the life and soul of the party. I wanted to write this blog to get everyone to open up about our losses and try and make the day as positive as possible! I know we are hurting but we have to remember we are truly blessed to have had someone in our life that we could now miss this much…

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 21.05.55.png

Here’s some ways in which your day can still be full of happiness and festive spirit:

  1. Who’s more deserving of being the angel at the top of your tree than your very own angel you have lost this year? Why not place a photo of them at the top of the tree so they are still involved in your Christmas Day?
  2. Ensure you talk about them. There is nothing harder than pretending you’re not hurting. If we share memories we had with them on Christmas day it will bring us smiles and laughter, as after all it’s the memories and their ways that we miss so why don’t we reminisce to make us smile again?
  3. Visit their resting place or somewhere that you loved together. Sometimes devoting a little of your time to someone makes you feel like you’ve made an effort and done something positive. It can be a time to talk to them or a time to have a little cry because you miss them. (I know that visiting the grave is my time to say how I feel and then afterwards I feel better and can have a more positive day).
  4. Don’t feel guilty about having fun, your angels will be looking over you with happiness when they see the family spending quality time together.
  5. RELAX! Enjoy yourself. There is a lot of pressure and stress that comes with the 24hours of Christmas Day. But remember, the main thing is that you make a day to remember and a day you enjoy.

This year I’m off to Scotland to spend my Christmas day with family I rarely see! Having lost an Uncle and a Grandad this year there will be a huge loss around our table but through us they still live on. I’ll be thinking of you all as you spend your day missing the one’s you love. But just remember how blessed you were to have them in your life.


Love Sarah.

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