A feeling for fillers…

When you hear of Botox or Fillers you automatically think about the celebrities that look awful from cosmetic surgery, don’t you?


When I told my friends and family I was going to be getting Lip fillers, they started sending me photos of Pete Burns and Lisa Rinna. My confidence dropped faster than a bad facelift (ironic, hay?). Uh oh! I then realised I was about to take a huge risk that could affect my whole appearance, as it could ruin my face if it went wrong.

Why is there such a negative social stigma around cosmetic surgery? You only hear from those who have had bad procedures really. As the ones who have good ones, shy away from sharing it with us as they may feel embarrassed for to wanting to change the way they look or for being ‘fake’. It’s ridiculous! Some people are so naïve and don’t understand how much of a positive impact cosmetic surgery can have on someone’s physical or mental health.


On Thursday 10th November 2016 I took a trip to 111 Harley St in London. I arrived to be faced with a big red door and a door bell, I felt nervous as to what I was going to endure on the other side. I walked down the Victorian-like corridor to be greeted by a beautiful lady sat behind a desk. I told her I had an appointment at half one. ‘Miss McClure! How are you?’ She asked. It was so warming to be greeted by my name when I was about to undertake a treatment that involved a lot of trust. It gave me a boost of re-assurance. The lady gave me some forms to fill out and asked me to take a seat in the waiting room.


The waiting room was like a large living room… comfortable, cozy and calming. I began to fill out my forms. The forms required a moderate amount of information to ensure you are safe and ready for your treatment. Shortly after, the receptionist came into the room and called my name to say that the Nurse was ready to see me. I was lead to a door situated at the bottom left of the corridor. I opened the door to find some steps leading down towards a sign with Dr Yannis’ name on. The stairs had red carpet on, giving it a glamorous feel which is exactly how I was hoping to feel after having lip fillers! I wanted to look worthy enough to be on a red carpet.


To the left, I found a 111 Harley St reception desk! I loved the futuristic look. I love the way they use the colour white it makes the room feel clean and pure. After all cleanliness and presentation are two huge factors when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The presentation and high quality finish of the interior portray they do this well in treatments as well as through the design of the surgery.


I made my way into one of the treatment rooms to meet Karishma Gorasia. Karishma is the head aesthetic nurse at 111 Harley St, she has been a registered nurse for nearly ten years! After she had introduced herself to me and explained that she does around 75 to 100 botox or filler treatments a week, she then went on to ask about me. She looked at the forms I had filled out previous, to ensure there was no medical implications or allergies to anything she was going to use. She asked what I would like from having lip fillers, why do I want lip fillers and what kind of shape I would like? After explaining to me about the two different products they use we decided to opt for Juvederm as Karishama told me it is a much softer filler which is perfect for the lips! In regards to shape I didn’t want to change it too much but I did want to increase the arch in my cupid’s bow.

Karishma placed some numbing cream on and around my lips. After a few minutes I felt like I had been to the dentist as my mouth was very numb and I couldn’t work out where my lips were (I was hoping I didn’t start dribbling). I then had some photographs taken of my lips from the front and from the side. With little nerves I then sat on the bed to take the next step towards having beautiful lips.

I felt ever so at ease with Karishma, she came across very informative, approachable and I could tell she wanted what was best for me. She shared her years of experience and her honest opinion which made me believe she knew what was right for me. We even had a giggle and a laugh too.  After posing and having my last selfie taken with my little lips the nurse set off to work. As she was injecting the right side of my lip she explained the reason why she was putting the needle in a certain place. (For instance, ‘putting filler here will lift up your smile.’) It made me relaxed knowing the procedure step by step and knowing what was happening and why she was doing it.

Ok, so I’ll be honest with you… it hurt. But not to the extent you think it would! When I had spoken to people who have had it done before I literally had to ask them to stop telling me as it was putting me off. The best way I can describe it is as a slow sharp pinch. It’s no way near as sore as a tattoo! But remember your lips are very tender so the type of pain is a little different.

Karishma inserted the filler into the right side of my lip and asked if the size was ok. As she said it is important to start of small and increase the amount if I would like bigger, as you can always add more if it’s not enough. I asked for a little more! She then made the left side the same and inserted some filler into my bottom lip too. My lip began to swell straight away.


But as you can see from the photo above the swelling was minimal and there was no bruising! I was in there for about an hour! It was great… I then just got on with my day! My lips looked a little tender and red for the rest of the day but I went to the shops and nobody looked twice! Which made me feel fabulous! My friends and family were so impressed as they looked so natural and the change wasn’t too dramatic. But you can see from the before and after photo that the difference in my lips is a lot. I don’t have to force a pout anymore! Hurray to taking new selfies.

All weekend I’ve been applying lipstick every 10 minutes to glare at my lips with love. Thank you 111  Harley St for giving me a boost of confidence and making my first cosmetic treatment enjoyable and fulfilling. (fulfilling, filling, fillers.. get it?). Haha.

If you have any questions about fillers or my time at 111 Harley St you can email me at Byron7Sarah@hotmail.com.

To book a consultation at 111 Harley St you can do so here.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-17-55-47screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-17-31-34

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