From Tam to Glam with essence.

img_8067There’s no better way to make yourself feel fabulous than giving yourself a makeover! It’s even more enjoyable when you have a bunch of new products to try out.

Instead of the usual girly catch up with my friend Tamazin this week I took over some products from essence and asked her if she would try and create a look with them for my blog. I love blogging and she loves make-up… win-win situation here. With some ‘Emily Middlemas –All I need is you’ playing in the background and big mugs of tea warming our tummy we set out to turn Tam to Glam.

I’m quite basic when it comes to make-up, like don’t get me wrong I can look good, however, when it comes to applying it I just ‘slap it on’. Whereas Tamazin has a different brush, shade, liquid, remover for everything. I just wouldn’t know where to start being sat at her dressing table.


Firstly, she picked up the Brow kit from essence. Apparently you should do you brows first so that the powder doesn’t fall down and ruin the rest of your face. Clever! (I’ll remember this for future reference). Using all three shades Tamazin created a faded brow. Her brows looked amazing! The colours blended perfectly together and stuck well.


To define the eyebrow Tamazin used essence’s pure NUDE concealer. This is a great way to create great shape for your brow especially if you are overdue an eyebrow treatment.

Tamazin used the all about greys eye shadow palette to create a dark smokey eye. She looked hilarious putting masking tape on her face to create a sharp eye for her winged eye liner! Looking like Nelly with the tape on her face she used the cool tones to create her smokey look.


After applying the shadow she used essence eyeliner pen to create her flick. Once she had finished she peeled off the tape to reveal this stunning look..


To finish the eye she used the essence eyeliner pencil to place on the inner lid and a few flicks of mascara for her lashes.. flattering!


To bronze her cheeks and give her a blushed looked she used the essence sun club 2in1 bronzing powder! img_8042

To conclude her glam look she focused on giving her lips an extra shine and sparkle by using essence mini lipgloss set. img_8063

And here it is.. Tam is finally glam all thanks to her products from essence make-up.


All essence products can be found here.

Thank you Tamazin for being my canvas. You’re gorgeous. Click below to find Tamazin’s..


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