Chilling in Harvey Nichols at 111CRYO.

img_6462 111CRYO is a whole body cryotherapy chamber. This therapy is used to benefit your body in a number of ways by enduring temperatures of down to -90oc. (When I found this out I froze with fear and I wasn’t even in there yet!).

The recommended time to spend in the chamber per session is 3 minutes, the more sessions you do, the greater the benefits will be. On Friday 14th of October I was lucky enough to share my first experience of cryotherapy with Sarah at 111CRYO in Harvey Nichols.

Prior to my visit to London I did research on the treatment I was going to receive. Every time I read something or saw a new picture I got more scared and apprehensive as to how my body would react in such cold temperatures. If the truth be told, my time worrying was wasted as the experience was nothing but enjoyable! It gave me more of a thrill than going to get my hair and make-up done, and we all know how amazing that feels! Right?!

My appointment was at 11:15am. I arrived a little early to be greeted by two gorgeous girls called Sarah and Sib. They made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Sarah introduced herself to me with enthusiasm, as she was excited that we shared the same name! Sarah then went on to explain the process at 111CRYO for a full body treatment.

To begin with I had to fill out a form about my health history and myself; nothing too nosey or time consuming. She then took me through to the futuristic changing rooms where she informed me about what I can wear inside the chamber. Basically, less is more. Minimal clothing means more of your body is exposed, which means increased results for you! So first of all I went with the underwear option until we both realized it wouldn’t be so easy on the eye for you guys when I post photos of me indulging in this experience! So Sarah provided me with some shorts, a t-shirt, socks, thermal north-face boots, gloves, a mouth mask & a head warmer.

All dressed for summer (kind of) I was finally prepared (according to CRYO111) to head into the temperature of -90oc. After 1000 selfies with the CRYO sign, and a little nosey around the room, Sarah began to run through the process with me in detail. The CRYO chamber is situated in a private room leading on from the changing rooms that only you and a member of staff have access to (unless you want an audience of course).


Sarah explained to me that for the first minute of me being inside the chamber it would be very misty due to the conditions of the chamber adapting with my body temperature. I asked for her assurance in that it wouldn’t be frightening going into an extremely cold chamber with no ability to see and she reassured me that it would be perfectly fine. Which it was! I could see out a tiny bit, and Sarah could see me more clearly, which let her know that I was ok.

The second minute was a whirlwind, as before heading into the chamber, Sarah told me to pick a song I love to dance to. She recommended a Beyoncé classic – Crazy in Love. So the second minute of my CRYO experience, I spent shaking my hips and pretending to be Beyoncé with Sarah through the glass. I was having so much fun I forgot I was freezing. The adrenaline was amazing. I actually felt like I was Beyoncé for a minute.

As it came into the third minute, (not that I was clock watching by the way, I was having way too much fun) the temperature began to become more effective. I had ice on the hairs of my arm and all over my hair. The end of my nose felt like it did when I used to spend all day out in the snow making snowmen when I was younger. However, with my constant dancing and positivity to the experience it didn’t bother me at all!


With it all being very cold, yet far from unbearable, Sarah and I counted down for the last 10 seconds whilst rapping to Jay-Z. Before I knew it, the 3 minutes were over!

I stepped out and said “I want to do it again already!!” It was amazing. I felt so refreshed. You know that feeling you imagine, if you were a beautiful woman walking down the street with the wind blowing through your hair and gorgeous rosy cheeks that makes everyone’s head turn, I felt as though I was that woman. Instantly, my body began to warm up! It took me about 4 minutes to return to my usual temperature, as getting dressed back into winter clothes can sure be a task!

My smile was beaming. I couldn’t wait to get outside and tell my friend all about my experience. All day, I could feel the effects, I felt airbrushed! I felt vibrant, like I had a new lease of life, it was fabulous.

The next day, my mum complimented me on my skin, as usually I have a few blemishes and pimples. However, my skin looked so clear and felt incredible too! (My skin was soft all over my body). In the gym I suffer with cramp in my right leg. I have tried lots of different way to prevent my cramp through things like hydration, diet and different stretches. Nothing has seemed to work! I have been to the gym 3 times since my CRYO treatment and I can honestly say I haven’t had cramp once, which is very rare for me.

I am ever so pleased with the treatment & the service was impeccable too! Thank you 111CRYO for the experience, and I can’t wait to come back to see how the impact of further sessions can benefit me.

It’s beneficial for sports conditioning, weight management, beauty enhancement and pain relief!

You can request to book sessions at 111CRYO through their website here.


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